More savings for your company

Organize your sourcing procedures, conduct various forms of e-auctions, request for information, quotations and proposals (RFI, RFQ and RFP)

Send requests to the market

Forward information requests, quotations and proposals to the market. 

Set pre-established and flexible fields for answers.

Request technical and commercial attachments during an RFP.

Customize your negotiations

Select certified partners from your private network or find and invite new participants from Nimbi’s Network.

Attach documents or set other information related to commercial conditions.

Track the negotiation

Analyze real-time answers from participants.

Extend the duration or terminate the negotiations when necessary. 

Add new participants when necessary throughout each negotiation cycle.

Customize your e-auction

Invite certified companies from your network, or search for and invite new participants from the Nimbi network.

Select different auction types: English, Dutch or Japanese.

Set auction dynamics: starting bid, behavior of bids, duration and visibility.

Bid by bid

Simple interface for your suppliers to participate in the e-auctions.

Follow bids in real time and visualize the best offer.

If necessary, extend the duration of the auction or cancel bids immediately.

Check your savings

Determine the winners in each cycle and save up to 30% per  negotiation.

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All this in the cloud, a safe and ready environment.

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