Increase your productivity.

More agility in your purchasing procedures, generating savings of up to 42%.

Detailed Requisitions

Provide immediate access to all company users and allow them to send purchase requisitions.

Set approval workflows for your requisitions.

Set unique delivery and or billings addresses per item or specific requisitions.

Allow end users to post attachments and comments to assist your procurement team. 

Organize your catalog

Link items to your category tree.

Set your trading terms and conditions.

Associate or structure your Standard Materials Description.

Aggregate demand

Aggregate demand by category, delivery or billing addresses or other specifications.

Request additional information to requisitioners and suppliers.

Ensure process auditability by tracking all actions.

Comparative Maps

View proposals received and manage your purchase orders.

Compare all pertinent information and request counter proposals when necessary.

Easily identify the best supplier or the best price/value per item.

Purchase order

Set your order approval workflow.

Include information from your requisition and quotation processes.

Award the best suppliers and manage your orders.

Track supplier processes and order progress.


Track your negotiations, transactions and the performance of your team via our dashboard.

Ensure the your processes run more efficiently.

Receive automated notifications to prompt quick action when necessary.

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