Partnership Nimbi and Qlik


Vision beyond numbers

Seeking to offer the best BI solution to your clients, Nimbi has integrated its platform to Qlik, leader company in the data analysis software market.

With a robust and dynamic solution, Nimbi clients have access to information, graphics and strategic reports to decision-making process and live analysis of their business. 


More about Qlik 

See the whole history that lives inside your data

The innovative, associative model enables the users to explore all possible associations present in their data, in all data sources and not only answering “What have happened?” but “Why?” and “What is likely to happen?

A visual analysis platform and not a data visualization tool

A platform approach which enables a centered development of guided analyses, self-service data discovery and incorporated analysis in any enterprise or web application.

Efficiency to business user with reliability and IT scalability

Supporting business and IT: data sourcing and preparation, visualization and analysis, cooperation and preparation of reports, everything in a governance structure.

To learn more, access the Analytics module

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