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NIMBI is committed to raising awareness for Users regarding their information collected and used to provide a better browsing experience at Nimbi network. For this reason, we provided below our privacy policy for purpose of explaining the use of such information. By visiting and signing up,you formally accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy of Nimbi network is in accordance with Law No. 12,965of April 23, 2014, hereinafter referred to as “Internet Law” or “MCI”. The Privacy Policy is designed to protect Users’privacy and the secrecy of their data and information.


In order to enhance our services and continuously improve your browsing experience at Nimbi network website, we collect important personal information of our Users. “Personal information” shall mean information about an identified or identifiable individual.

Sign-up information: Most of our services require that You register to have a user account. By signing-up, the User, pursuant to item IX of Article 7 of the MCI, expressly consents with the collection, use, storage and treatment of his/her personal data. User shall provide us with his/her company’s data, such as: his/her company’s trade name, company’s fantasy name, name, last name, ID and General Taxpayers’ Registry number of the company’s contact person (legal representative), company’s municipality and state ID, corporate email, headquarter and billing address, telephone, company’s General Taxpayers’ Registry, password, among other information necessary for the Services. You may opt not to provide some information, but it is likely that your browsing experience on our website will not contain all functionalities we offer.

Upon termination of the relationship between User and NIMBI and subject to a maximum term of two (2) years as from the date of the transaction performed through the website, User may require the permanent exclusion of the information provided by User by sending an email to, except for any information mandatorily required to be stored as provided in the MCI or in applicable laws of the jurisdiction where this Privacy Policy is in force.

Other sources: We may collect specific information from mobile devices that access Nimbi network website. Furthermore, we store some information that we receive automatically every time User interacts with our website. Internet protocol (IP), type of browser and pages viewed in our website are some examples of information we collect, and such collection is performed through cookies.

Cookies are identifications of the interaction with our website or our ads, which are transferred to a User’s device in order to recognize User during the next browsing. We use cookies to provide User a better experience on our website and to provide customized functionalities, such as recommendations of specific Services, advertisement and additional information of items that are the interest of User.

User may, at anytime, disable cookies on his/her browser, delete them or manage their use by setting up the browser they use to access Nimbi network website.

All information collected through Nimbi network website is stored and kept in secrecy by NIMBI. The only exceptions are provided in section “Sharing Information”.


You are free to choose which information you want to provide to NIMBI; however, some information is essential for You to complete the purchase of Services and for a better browsing experience at Nimbi network website.

By signing-up and filling-in your name and email, the user agrees to receive alerts and action items relating to Nimbi network and commercial communication. You can withdraw your consent to receive commercial communication at any time.

The main Internet browsers allow User to manage cookies on their devices. We recommend to keep cookies active. This will allow them to exploit all customized browsing functionalities offered by Nimbi network website; however, if User does not agree, User may disable this functionality.

When signing-up to the Services, User is solely responsible for update and provision of correct data to Nimbi network website. If desired, client may cancel its account by sending an email to

In view of the constant evolution of Nimbi’s business model, NIMBI reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time by posting an updated version at

At any time, User may ask questions about our privacy policy through the email or may contact us at the address Rua do Passeio, 62/10º andar – Centro – CEP: 20.021-290 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil.


NIMBI warns Nimbi’s network Users to protect their information against non-authorized access to their computer, account or password. You must always make sure to click on “log off” when You finishing your browsing in a shared computer.

NIMBI informs all Users that it will never send electronic messages to install computer programs in Users’ computers.

In order to keep Users’ information safe and protected, NIMBI uses reasonable and appropriate measures, such as a Communication Protocol (https) and an SSL method to cryptograph all type of communication between Users and Nimbi network applications. The cryptography methods may be replaced at any time for other methods such as AES – Advanced Encryption Standard; DES – Data Encryption Standard; TLS – Transport Layer Security; SSL – Secure Sockets Layer; RSA – RSA Data Security, Inc.; MD5 – Message-Digest algorithm 5; GCM – Galios/Counter Mode; SHA – Secure Hash Algorithm.

Nimbi network applications are hosted in data centers, which are certified, by Safety Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27001 Smart Cloud Enterprise, ISO 20000, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3.


Security and secrecy of our Users’information is very important for Nimbi network. The sign-up information provided by Nimbi network’s Users is protected by this Privacy Policy and NIMBI is committed to keep its Users’ information in secrecy, subject to certain exceptions provided in law or resulting from certain circumstances.

In some cases, sharing information is necessary. Below, we provide examples of when we share information:

  • New businesses: Due to the continuous expansion of our business, acquisitions and merger of companies, subsidiaries and other business may occur. When the business is transferred, information of the applicable Users is also transferred, subject, however to this privacy policy and to the information being kept within NIMBI network environment.

  • Law and/or Court Order: NIMBI may share information if it is required by law or a court order through notices, subpoenas or judicial determinations.

  • Upon clients consent: In other cases, if it is necessary to share information, we will notify User requesting approval or refusal to share.

  • Sharing information between Users of the network: Information shared freely between Users (“companies” or “legal entities”) through the network is of your responsibility. The confidentiality of such information within Nimbi network is protected during its transfer; however, before and after the information is transmitted, the information is not protected by the confidentiality NIMBI undertakes under this Privacy Policy with respect to its Users.

  • Sharing information for statistics purposes: In accordance with item VIII of Article 7 of the MCI, it is clear that data collected from Users may be used for creating statistical reports without any identification or individualization of its source.

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