Nimbi acts like a partner to your company, sharing with you the knowledge gained in years of experience in supply chain management. Our offering includes the mapping of critical points and bottlenecks, the implementation of best practices and the identification solutions that can add value to your business.

Count on the support of an experienced team that is up to date with the best practices in procurement and logistics to help you make the right decisions regarding supply chain processes and technologies. 

Accurate diagnosis and action plan
Use Nimbi’s Consulting Service to conduct a deep analysis of your supply chain. Compare your processes to the best practices in the market and receive recommendations to achieve the desired goals: higher productivity, lower costs and time optimization. Identify suppliers with low performance and inefficient procedures that end up costing your team time and money.

Broaden your knowledge of your current processes, structure and quality levels. After a detailed analysis, all recommendations are quantified, prioritized and validated. Your will be able to make informed decisions and gradually implement the changes necessary to guarantee rapid and lasting gains. 

Capturing Results
Count on Nimbi to help you implement actions that directly impact the efficiency of your supply chain.  We will advise you on the right decisions according to the problems diagnosed. Avoid procurement and logistics pitfalls, increase spend visibility, reduce costs, improve service levels and negotiate better commercial conditions.

Count on Nimbi to redesign your processes and organizational structure. Make your management leaner, integrated and easy to control – based on global best practices.

Define and implement the best sourcing and contract renewal strategies. Benefit from Nimbi’s knowledge to help you prioritize categories, study the supplier market, identify the best negotiation strategy, conduct online negotiations and implement the resulting contracts.

Buyer training

Count on Nimbi’s experience to train and qualify your own team to independently maximize your results.  Our team is ready to teach all levels of professionals and to customize training according to your team’s profile and needs.  

Allow your team to access the market’s best practices in management, decision making and execution. During our training sessions, professionals obtain hands on experience through access to Nimbi’s solutions.

Optimize your logistics operations by accessing our expertise and best practices. Nimbi is ready to assist you in reviewing your distribution network, renegotiating terms and conditions and implementing performance indicators to guarantee continuous performance.

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