Procurement Outsourcing

Nimbi’s Procurement Outsourcing center is ready to take on your long tail spend and allow your team to focus on strategic procurement activities. By outsourcing your non strategic categories, increases in productivity of up to 30% may be obtained.

Companies adopt BPO – Business Process Outsourcing – in order to reduce costs of tasks that are not core to their business. Our Procurement Outsourcing center is ideally implemented for non-strategic categories.  In this case what is important is not who executes the task, but who executes it best.

Category knowledge and best practices in Procurement
Take advantage of Nimbi’s expertise and outsource non-strategic purchases. Our Procurement Outsourcing Center is comprised by a multidisciplinary team of experienced buyers. Optimize your employees time in outsourcing activities such as monitoring supplier responses and tracking quotes and orders. 

Flexibility to meet your needs
Access a complete and flexible outsourcing model. Nimbi’s Procurement Outsourcing Center may take on specific tasks within a larger process or even take responsibility for entire procurement categories.

Outsourced procurement categories usually involve products that are made and sold by a large number of companies. Some of the most common examples are uniforms, gifts, printing services, hardware and office supplies.

Greater visibility and speed with the use of technology.
Nimbi’s Procurement Outsourcing Center utilizes our own proprietary technology to guarantee the seamless exchange of information between buyers and suppliers throughout the purchasing process. 

In addition to allowing for faster and automated tasks, our technology enables the standardization and tracking of all processes.   In this fashion all processes may be audited, increasing safety levels.

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