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Procurement digital

Nimbi’s eProcurement solution allows your procurement procedure to be digital from the management of suppliers up to the control of invoice payment (Source-to-Pay). Everything is registered, guaranteeing compliance with the market’s best practices.

The Certify, Negotiate, Buy and Payment modules are provided in flexible packages. What we mean by this: if your company needs a technology to manage its suppliers, it will need the Certify module, but if it also needs to ensure compliance in the negotiations, it will need the Certify + Negotiate modules. That is, your company acquires our modules as it evolves in the purchase procedure.

It is a fact that we help in the operational procedures, but we go further. We deliver information that help our customers to make the best decisions for their businesses.

Thus, you focus on the strategy and our technology works for you.

Analytics – Fostering the analytic culture

The module that gives visibility to the operation performance and the Purchase team. The main KPI’s include the Suppliers’ Risk Analysis, Cost Avoidance  by category, Savings, Team Productivity, Spend Management, among others.


Here you invite, perform the homologation procedure and manage your suppliers.

1. Customize approval forms and workflows by category type;
2. Define the frequency of each document’s updates;
3. Validate the CNPJ information with the public consultation of the Federal Revenue Office and the payment of FGTS before the Caixa Econômica bank;
4. Choose the Serasa Supplier report as mandatory to minimize your company’s risks.

Do you want to find new suppliers? Take advantage of our Marketplace with more than 220 thousand suppliers worldwide.


This module makes the digital transformation of the wonderful world of negotiations. Here you request information, quotations, proposals and perform auctions bringing savings of up to 30% to your company.

1. Record all negotiation rounds with suppliers, guaranteeing compliance in your procedures;
2. Equalize commercial proposals with the comparative map in the RFQ (request for quotation);
3. Make your quotation available for the Nimbi marketplace (+220 thousand suppliers) and explore new suppliers;
4. Perform auctions in several modalities (open or sealed English, Dutch or Japanese) and enhance the results of your negotiations.


This is the area that makes the interface of Supplies with the company’s other areas, disseminating good governance practices and increasing your company’s productivity by up to 42%. We have developed a new Catalog feature that provides a B2C experience within our B2B platform, facilitating the day by day operations for the requesting areas.

1. Define the approval workflow for requisitions and orders according to your company’s rules (amount, cost center and billing address);
2. Consolidate requisitions of different areas into a single negotiation;
3. Speed up service to internal customers by using pre-negotiated Catalogs to generate automated orders from requisitioners;
4. Control the validity and budget of agreements;
5. Automate buying processes (the team focusing on the strategic aspects and the platform performing the operational tasks);
Monitor the performance of services with the Measurements functionality to speed up payment of service renderers.


In a single platform, all information about payments for Purchasers and Suppliers, maximizing productivity gains with fully automated procedures.

1. Consolidate invoices (NF’s) to be paid by vendor;
2. Reducte of operational costs in departments such as Financial and Accounts Payable.


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SaaS (Software as a Service) model

AB Inbev, Vale, 99, Leroy Merlin and CVC take part in a group of companies that build their procurement digital intelligence with our platform. Last year, we handled over 1 million orders with R$ 35 billion traded by the Nimbi platform.

What our customers are saying!

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experience of using Nimbi solutions

We have been working with Nimbi for many years and this relationship has become increasingly sustainable and perennial, since it’s a company always seeking new solutions, always tuned with the rapid growth of the market and its demands. Nimbi is a major player that is relentlessly pursuing the improvement our operational efficiency.

Marilaine Costa
Supply Chain Director


Nimbi has been with us since the beginning of 2015 and since then,through the didactic and simple way of using the E-procurement tool, it has been providing us with greater productivity in our bidding processes, and has obviously supported us in compliance, governance issues, traceability and credibility with the supplier market.

Everton Luiz da Silva
Senior Supplier Coordinator

Leroy Merlin

We have been using the Nimbi platform since 2017, mainly for electronic purchases through the auction function for processes with values over R$ 100,000. During this period we have already conducted more than 100 negotiations with very good and relevant results to achieve the organization's targets and goals, as well as ensuring transparency in negotiations in accordance with the latest compliance and corporate governance practices…

Fernando Maeda
Senior Supplier Analyst



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