Do you know what to do to be a player?

Nimbi Open

The marketplace for the 200,000 businesses where all businesses can buy and sell. An environment prepared to serve B2B customers, but with simpler buying processes.

Sell through Nimbi Open

Publish your products for free and pay only when you sell. And the best of all, every product that is published on Nimbi Open is automatically made available in the Nimbi platform, facilitating the search of your products by companies such as Ambev, Danone and CVC. 

Buy through Nimbi Open

Designed exclusively to meet the requirements of the B2B market, our products are traded at special prices allowing you to save money and time while purchasing indirect supplies for your company. Find items of different segments with free shipping throughout Brazil.

A seamless journey

Have you registered your products on the Nimbi Open? Now it’s easy to export your catalog to Nimbi Platform or to your B2B store. All of our environments are integrated so you can sell more.