Nimbi + Qlik

The BI pioneer has joined forces with Nimbi for
you to get maximum value out of data.

Way beyond
charts and numbers

Striving to provide the best solution for its customers, Nimbi has brought Qlik, the user-friendly BI (Business Intelligence) pioneer, onboard its platform.

With a dynamic and robust solution, Nimbi’s customers now get access to information, charts and strategic reports that help taking decisions to improve your company’s results.
There are more than 10 dashboards enabling managers to explore:

– eProcurement: Suppliers’ Risk Analysis, Invitation Management, Analysis of Requisitions, Analysis of Orders, Spend and Cost Avoidance Analysis.
– Transportation (TMS): Delivery Performance, On Time Report, Appointment and Occurrences.

Information may be filtered in the best drag-and-drop style that will make even the most passionate fans leave their Excel KPI spreadsheets.

About Qlik

Qlik has in excess of 50,000 customers worldwide and is a visual platform for data analysis and not a data visualization tool.

The innovative association model of this company allows users to investigate all possible association of their data and not just “What happened?”, But why?” and “What will likely happen?”

Business model

All corporate customers have access to Qlik through the Analytics module.