Nimbi + Senior

The only Supply Chain Management platform
with native integration into ERP

Intelligence for
supply management.

Clients of Senior, a leading company in Business Management (ERP) may join Nimbi’s supply chain management platform free of development and integration costs. This is really so, Nimbi is natively integrated into the Senior platform.

Companies using Senior will have access to the modules that allow for the homologation and management of suppliers, negotiations through quotes and auctions, in addition to automation of orders, thus securing productivity increase and cost reduction.

About Senior

National benchmark in management technology, this company has one of the most complete high-performance portfolios, offering solutions in Business Management (ERP), People Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Access and Security Management.

Business model

With a monthly fixed amount you will have access to Nimbi’s eProcurement solution in a marketplace with in excess of 200 thousand connected suppliers.