Nimbi + Serasa Experian

Fostering successful

partnerships together

Helping companies choose the best business partner

Nimbi has joined forces with Serasa Experian aiming to bring more security and swiftness to companies’ negotiation process. With this partnership, buyers and suppliers get access to Serasa Experian’s information directly on Nimbi’s platform. With more than 17 thousand companies in the Serasa Supplier report, companies such as Danone, Fleury and Invepar have adopted the report as one of the criteria to homologate suppliers.

Are you a Buyer?

You have access to the financial health of your suppliers, including their risk ratings and balance sheets, among other data. Information can be viewed for each supplier separately or in a managerial style in the Analytics mode.

Are you a Supplier?

In addition to being compliant with the procurement process of big companies, you will have in a single document all of your financial indicators already compared to the market.

About Serasa Experian

Leader in information services and owner of the biggest data base in Latin America. In Brazil it supports companies, entrepreneurs and consumers in their credit decisions and offers solutions for risk management, marketing and digital certification. 

Business model

For a fixed annual amount, suppliers get access to the report and increase their negotiation chances within the Nimbi marketplace.