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Whether through Consultancy or the Outsourcing (BPO) service, we use technology to generate knowledge in the procurement area. With more than 6,800 projects, we boost efficiency and reduce costs for customers such as Faurecia, Heineken and Magnesita making this area ever more strategic and, therefore, sustainable.


Say goodbye to your troubles when servicing internal customers, our service combines the best team with the best technology. Through the Nimbi platform we maximize the results of our operations. We have developed an exclusive management model that enables an optimized operation with professionals that are trained to deliver the results within the agreed SLAs.

With customers that are active throughout Brazil in the most diverse industries, such as Energy, Mining and Consumer Goods, we have the scale to meet short, medium and long term contracts and with total flexibility for special projects that require increases in specific teams.


Procurement Center

Allows your team to focus on the activities that are really strategic through outsourcing of a portion or all of your procurement categories, increasing productivity around 30% while reducing procurement cycles by 40%. Your company benefits from scaled up negotiations, because we have the privileged position of knowing those suppliers with the best cost-benefit.

Suppliers’ Homologation

Register and homologate the suppliers from your database mitigating financial, operational and compliance risks through criticality analysis, reputation research and accounting reports. The Nimbi platform allows the creation of different homologation criteria for different categories, with the advantage of digital traceability for the whole process.


Our consulting service offers much more than cost reduction. We deliver excellence in procurement applying supply techniques and methodologies, allied to agile methodologies, which jointly allow us to deliver quantifiable results with competitive terms and costs.


Procurement Transformation

Identify suppliers with low performance, ineffective procedures and time-wasting practices in their teams. Compare your procedures with the best practices in the market and get recommendations about initiatives for higher productivity, cost reduction and optimization of time. Your area prepared to operate the 4.0 supply chain.

Strategic Sourcing

Service focused on obtaining Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction for the acquisition of materials and services. We prioritize categories studying the supplier market, then we define the best negotiation strategies, we negotiate with volume synergy from other customers, we use pre-negotiated catalogs in addition to supporting the implementation of contracts.


From strategy to execution, we have in excess of 2,000 electronic negotiations bringing savings up to 30% in the Civil Works, MRO, Facilities’ Services, IT/TELECOM, Freight, among others. Our state-of-the-art technology is well prepared for every type of auction (open or sealed English, Dutch or Japanese), guaranteeing in a transparent fashion all premises for each one of the procedures.

What our customers are saying

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We have achieved not only cost reduction for our operations, but also tranquility throughout the procedure, from sending the invitations to equalizing the proposals and supplier selection, always through Nimbi technology platforms, complying thus with GLP’s Governance & Compliance policies. We have made extensive use of the electronic auction that has shown itself as very effective tool in getting the best commercial conditions before our suppliers. Lastly, the partnership with Nimbi has made us restless in the search for more opportunities through its solutions.

Rômulo Otoni
Property Management

Nimbi is with us since early 2016 and since then, through the didactic and simple use of the eProcurement tool, it has been enabling higher productivity in our auction procedures, in addition to evidently having backed us in issues in connection with compliance, governance, traceability and credibility with the supplier market. When we talk about savings it is quite obvious that the purchaser and procurement manager skills are essential and irreplaceable, however, the tool organizes and puts order to the processes, helping us to get the very best results.

Everton Luiz da Silva
Indirect Procurement Coordinator
Leroy Merlin