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Service allied to technology
maximizing your logistics operation

Our logistics services allow the expertise of carriers of goods valued in excess of R$19 billion of per year to benefit our outsourcing and consulting customers. We have mapped the chain players making their integration easy, increasing management efficiency and maximizing assets use to reduce costs. All this to generate tangible results to the business.

Control Tower

This is the perfect solution for those wanting to have a leaner internal team that is focused on the strategy of the logistics operation.

Combining technology and service our Control Tower takes care of the day-to-day aspects of your operation, managing and performing the transportation procedures and interfacing with different players in the chain.


Trips Routing and Planning

Using a state-of-the-art router, we hire optimized transportation and secure the best use of the available resources and increasing service levels in a fully digital process.

Trips and Deliveries Management

Provides clearer visibility of delivery problems to all those involved in the process, enabling a quicker and more effective solution. Carries out service to drivers, salesforce and operation.

Order Management

Management and handling of purchase orders to be processed and released for invoicing as quickly as possible, interfacing with the sales, taxes and credit areas.

Freight Auditing

Makes sure that amounts charged by partners are in compliance with negotiated amounts and that financial results generated in the programming and management of deliveries are effectively captured. Brings assertiveness to provisioning and clearer visibility of costs by operation type.

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Of devolution reversal
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Of medium on time
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Direct and indirect cost savings of up to 30%


With our expertise in big-sized operations, we analyze strategic and operational aspects to deliver recommendations to improve service levels and cost reduction, guaranteeing the operational feasibility to business.


Revision of Logistics Network

Identification and implementation of an optimized model of the logistics network, aiming to improve service levels and reduce logistic and tax costs.

Freight and Warehouse Sourcing

We select logistics partners through a structured and strategic process, contemplating the critique of the current model of hiring and simulation of scenarios based on the market’s best practices.

Optimizing of the Transportation Operation

Mapping of the opportunities to optimize transportation flows through identification of synergies, static or dynamic circuits, fleet dimensioning, calendarization, etc.