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“Nimbi has been created to design the future of supply chain. In order to do so, it has been necessary to put together our experience and a huge willingness to break paradigms.”

Felipe Almeida, CEO.

Nimbi comes from the Latin for “clouds”, and for us it has many meanings. Yes, it is a cloud, but it is also efficient and user-friendly.

We contribute towards making the Supplies area of companies ever more strategic. Bringing effectiveness improvements through the adoption of new technologies and processes, as well as providing information required for decision-making via our dashboards.

We believe that providing a network of relationships with qualified information that is easy to access equals to enabling new transactions between our 200-thousand-plus participants, allowing supplier companies to purchase through our platform.

Through the Nimbi marketplace companies find new market niches or expand to new geographies in a natural fashion, without any big marketing efforts.

The aim is and has always been to bring the best solution at affordable cost for our ecosystem. And for this reason, we neither charge any implementation nor cancellation fees. This is how we contribute to the future of our market, where we believe that competition will not be between companies, but between supply chains.

What about your company? Is it well-prepared?

Be a Nimber!

Everything we achieve is through and because of people.  A team of talents working with a spirit of collaboration, commitment and high performance. We cultivate a challenging environment, open to questioning and to constructive debate. If you are a professional who works with a spark in your eyes and a constant will to make progress, Nimbi might be the place for you.

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