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“Nimbi's vocation is to make the supply chain of companies more efficient through its disruptive technology and innovative solutions.”

Carolina Cabral, CEO.

Nimbi comes from the Latin “nuvens”[clouds], and for us it has many meanings. Yes, it’s cloud, but it’s also efficient and user-friendly.

We contribute to the companies’ Supply and Logistics areas being increasingly strategic. Bringing efficiency gains through the adoption of new technologies, solutions and processes.

We believe that making available a network with more than 280 thousand companies, with qualified information and easy access, is to provide new business possibilities.

The goal has always been and will always be to bring the best affordable solution to our ecosystem. That’s why we don’t have an implementation or cancellation fee. This is how we contribute to the future of our market, where we believe that competition will not be between companies, but between supply chains.

And your company? Are you ready?

Our purpose:

Boost the economy by democratizing access to technological solutions and specialized services for the entire supply chain, bringing more efficiency and competitiveness to companies of all sizes.

Be a Nimber!

Everything we do is through and because of people. A team of talents, working with a spirit of collaboration, commitment and high performance. We cultivate a challenging environment, open to questioning and constructive debate. If you are that type of professional who works with a sparkle in his eyes and a constant desire for evolution, Nimbi could be your place.

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