Strengthening the relationship
between carriers and their drivers

Adjust to the new standards and
optimize your transportation of cargo.

We know that you are facing daily challenges with platforms that connect freight directly with drivers, and that they end up disrupting and destabilizing your long-standing relationship with your associated TACs.

To help carriers with this challenge we have developed Freight Management, a technology that performs full management of freight in a single platform, integrating the whole process of trip planning, negotiation, issuance of documents, monitoring of trips, payments and advances of receivables.

Our aim is to support carriers, bringing efficiency to all steps of freight contracting and even more cargo for your drivers.

Access all information in a single place having full visibility of your operation. Your carrier company in full control of it all!

Trip Planning

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Digital control tower

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Strengthen your relationship with your TACs,
plan your trips in an effective way, cut
idleness of your trucks, offer your trip to more
than one driver at the same time and cut your cost upon
issuing CIOTs. The best part of it all: Do not pay for planning,
negotiating, issuing documents (MDF-e and CT-e) and monitoring
trips. The entire procedure in conformity with
the new laws.


Here you don’t have to worry: these are reliable cargoes from known and
trusted carriers, with the best routes ever
scheduled, and soon you may even receive the contracted
freight in advance.

The relationship with your carriers is very important, that is why
we prioritize transparency in our negotiations. With you, it would not be
any different! Have access to the entire financial history of your
freights, with details of trips and our negotiations.

See how Nimbi works it out for you


Create demands in a simple way by uploading the .XML of the formal bills of sale, through integration or directly on screen, by template.

  • 1. Add one or more cargoes in the same demand.
  • 2. Include new stop places for your demand.
  • 3. Create demands on screen, by templates or integration.


Create the trip with a few clicks and have a better performance visualizing the truck’s occupation at each stop place.

  • 1. Have an interactive map to assist you in the composition of cargoes.
  • 2. Simulate several types of routes, including and excluding demands.
  • 3. Use our router to optimize your routes.
  • 4. Change the order of your trip by dragging and dropping to prioritize a scheduled delivery.
  • 5. Visualize the occupations by weight, volume and pallets of the selected vehicle throughout the trip.


Negotiate with your drivers and have full freedom to choose the offer conditions to potentialize your cost reduction, in addition to agility in contracting freight.

  • 1. Know the estimated fuel cost according to the vehicle.
  • 2. Calculate the cost of tolls according to the vehicle and updated rates for each toll station.
  • 3. Have automatic calculation of the Minimum Price of trips based on ANTT’s tables.
  • 4. Negotiate with more than one driver (and associated carrier) at the same time.
  • 5. THave full history of the negotiation cycles of each trip.


No more paying high costs to issue your documents in several different platforms. Now it is possible to issue all documents (CT-e, MDF-e and CIOT) at a single place, fully respecting all requirements of the legislation on payment of freight and toll vouchers of the ANTT (National Land Transportation Agency).


Have access to all centralized information and full visibility of the operation, such as status of each demand and trip, as well as the expected time of arrivals.

  • 1. Real-time location of your fleet.
  • 2. Enhanced security for cargoes and drivers.
  • 3. ecord of events during the trip, such as trip start date, arrival at the place of collection and delivery, start and end dates for collection and delivery, among others.
  • 4. Monitoring through applications and satellite integration.


Pay, receive and anticipate by Nimbi account.

  • 1. Speed and security of payment to drivers.
  • 2. Digital account and prepaid card for the driver.
  • 3. Tag of the toll voucher already linked to the account for use in toll plazas.
  • 4. Anticipation of receivables for transporters and drivers (soon on the platform).

Toll tag in partnership with Veloe to facilitate the payment of tolls on the roads.

  • 1. No cost for activation and monthly fee is after 18 months.
  • 2. Accepted in all toll plazas in Brazil.
  • 3. Greater autonomy and agility for drivers.


Receive and negotiate freights with your carrier and control payments, everything at the tip of your fingers.

Receive and negotiate freights with your carrier and control payments, everything at the tip of your fingers.

Detailing of all trips;

Access maps with routes and toll stations in each trip;

Accept or refuse offers with a few clicks.

Schedule your finances, controlling payments received and to be received;

Advance receipt of your freight’s amount (soon in the application).


What are our customers talking about!


We have been working in partnership with Nimbi for several years and this relationship has become every day more sustainable and perennial, since it is a company that always seeks to provide new solutions, always in tune with the rapid growth of the market and its requirements. Nimbi is an important player in the relentless pursuit of continuously improving our operational efficiency.

Diego Santos

Assista aos vídeos

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